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Reflexology with Detroit MI Reflexologist

Reflexology is a tool for balancing the body, mind, and spirit through the sole of the feet.

Reflexology is becoming much more popular and accepted in Western society.  It has been practiced for thousands of years by Egyptians, Native American cultures and Mayan and Incan civilizations.  Reflexology derives positive benefits for all people whether sick or healthy; male or female and infants to the elderly.  For example, infants benefit from being relieved of its colic and with the elderly, improved circulation, reduction of pain and or enhanced mobility.  Reflexology revitalizes energy, allowing the nervous system to function normally and frees the body to seek balance when the body is in a relaxed state. 

What can Reflexology do for me?

It can produce deep therapeutic relaxation to relieve stress and tension.  Reflexology strengthens immune system function, improves blood and lymph circulation, improves assimilation of nutrition and elimination of toxins and calms the nervous system,  thereby,enhancing the body's overall health and vitality.

What happens during a reflexology session?

During a reflexology session, a therapist applies pressure on specific areas of the feet stimulating corresponding organs and glands.  This can begin opening the energy pathways and improving the blood flow through vital reflex organs, and assisting the body to flush waste matter, concentrated around the reflex points on the feet. 

What will I feel during a Reflexology session?

Many people find reflexology sessions very relaxing.  There can be a feeling of "tingling" and "warmth" in related parts of the body caused by the increased circulation of the blood due to the nerve ending stimulation.  It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep.  Some clients will begin to perspire due to toxins being released from the body. The pressure that is applied is firm.  If there are uncomfortable feelings, these are signs of energy blocks at the corresponding body point. For people who have ticklish feet, the pressure is a firm touch and will not tickle.

What are some of the benefits derived from Reflexology?

The benefits of reflexology can be experienced in the relief of, or lessening of: stress and stress-related conditions tension or migraine headaches gastrointestinal disorders arthritis insomnia hormonal imbalances menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), or heavy, painful, irregular periods menopause infertility constipation eye/hearing issues anxiety allergies

How many Reflexology sessions are suggested before results are experienced?

Results may be experienced after one or two sessions. For maximum results, one or two sessions per week for at least four to five consecutive weeks, might be suggested.  This of course, depends on each circumstance

How often should I visit a reflexologist (reflexology therapist)?

This depends on whether you have a health challenge or are seeking to maintain good health.  A good maintenance schedule could vary from bi-weekly to monthly appointments with a reflexologist or reflexology therapist..
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