Adult Programs

by The Wellness Advocates of Detroit

The life expectancy rates for African Americans are well documented and continue to show unprecedented decline. Studies show that in America, the population or group that is impacted the most by diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, obesity, mental illness, malnutrition and therefore, premature death is the African American male and female. "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit," we exist to assist adults and families in the reversal of this presentation on the African American family unit. We believe in the transforming power of the group process. We are change agents providing wellness services, and facilitating wellness and disease prevention education. We are helping families develop wellness lifestyles.

Comprehensive Assessments

Wellness Advocates of Detroit provides comprehensive assessments (mind, body and spirit): pre and post physical assessments pre and post mental assessments pre and post spiritual assessments

Adult Programs

Wellness Advocates of Detroit offers adult programs which involve 4 weeks (12 sessions) of peer group process work. In these sessions participants will learn: the essential elements of change self disclosure how to use meditation importance of proper hydration nutrient intake (distinguishing foods from non-foods) toxicity detoxification disease prevention importance of exercise juicing and raw food preparation urban gardening referral services and much more Participation in the adult program also includes post-completion assessments and a six month follow up.
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A Non-Profit Organization Of Change Agents Providing Wellness Services And Facilitating Disease Prevention Education
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