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The Wellness Advocates of Detroit is a non-profit organization that is supported by individuals and businesses in Detroit. The Wellness Advocates of Detroit offers individuals an opportunity to modify self-defeating behavior through wellness services and programs.
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Adults 18  - 61

Military/Child/Senior 62+

Yoga Therapy



Includes movement, relaxation and meditation. Individuals and groups are empowered to embrace improved health and well-being through practicing and applying yogic philosophy and practice.  Dates of Free Yoga Classes




A very relaxing manipulation of the feet, stimulating the reflexes   systems and glands of the entire body, allowing the body to break up blockages to allow healing.

Foot Detoxification



During a warm foot bath, the body's cells are stimulated to release toxins.

Colon Cleansing - Colon Hydrotherapy



A method of assisting waste removal from the large intestine using filtered water from a FDA registered machine

Wellness Package 1



One Reflexology Session and One Colon Cleansing Session

Wellness Package 2



One Foot Detoxing Session and One Colon Cleansing Session

Wellness Package 3



One Reflexology Session and Foot Detoxing Session

Wellness Package 4 



Reflexology Series: 3 Reflexology Sessions Used Within 30 Days Of Purchase

Wellness Package 5



Foot Detox Series: 3 Foot Detoxing Sessions Used Within 30 Days Of Purchase

Wellness Package 6



Colonic Series: 3 Colon Cleansing Sessions Used Within 30 Days Of Purchase

Health and Wellness 

African Americans, and other minority groups are more likely than Caucasians to develop a number of chronic and deadly diseases, according to mounting evidence.   "The evidence of health disparities would be easy to ignore were they not so well documented," said, Stephen B. Thomas, director of the Center for Health Equity and a professor of health services administration in the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland.  "Members of racial minority groups live sicker and die younger that their white counterparts." According to the (CDC) Center for Disease Control, health disparities that have been identified include: Infant Mortality. The infant death rate among African Americans and American Indians is more than double that of Caucasians. Obesity.  African Americans and Mexicans Americans are more likely than whites in the U.S to be obese, a condition that increases the chances of developing a number of other health problems. Diabetes. African Americans have a rate of diabetes of 33.0 per 100,00 compared to a rate of 23.2 in Caucasians. Heart Disease. There were 42.5 deaths  from  stroke per 100,000 African American versus 23.3 deaths per 100,00 from stroke amongst Caucasian adults. Cancer.  The death rate for all cancers is 30 percent higher for African Americans than it is for whites.   African American women have a higher death rate from breast cancer, even though they are screened for breast cancer at nearly the same rate as white women.  "More white women develop breast cancer, but more African American women die from breast cancer," Thomas said. African American men are at least 50 percent more likely to develop lung cancer than white men.  African American men also die more often from cancer of the lung and bronchus than do white men, and are twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as white men. Cardiovascular Disease. Death rates from heart disease are more than 40 percent higher for African  Americans  than for Caucasians. Based on the overwhelming evidence this cycle of declining health and premature death will continue in the African American community, unless there is a dramatic change that offers a new direction. The Wellness Advocates of Detroit evolved out of the sober reality illustrated above. For years our clients have asked the question, "Where in the African American community can we learn about choices that  support healthy living and sustain life? We believe in the possibility of change, that individuals can modify their behavior given the proper educational experiences, couple with life skills training tools. We offer a new direction for the African American community. We provide educational experiences and life skill training in the context of the group experience. The group experience aides the individual in identifying the distinctions between self-defeating choices, and choices that support wellness,  so that the individual (child or adult) can decide to change or remain the same. The Wellness Advocates of Detroit targets families, adults and youth.  We believe that in order to reverse this deadly cycle our program and services must touch all members of the family unit. This problem exists primarily because most people have accepted life as it is. Our mission is to reach out to the community and inform its citizens that life as it is can be different, only if one desires and commits to change. Change is possible, through positive group experiences, and with it comes the possibility of a healthier life.  There are health and wellness programs, agencies and institutions in our community that provide a variety of conventional services that are helpful to the individual, however, The Wellness Advocates of Detroit is distinguishable because we offer the individual an opportunity to modify self defeating behavior through our educational program (which includes the peer group process). If this program is not implemented, we believe that the cycle of increased disease and premature death rates in African American communities will continue, as will the huge disparities of health and wellness between African Americans and other groups in Detroit.  
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Darcia and Clifford Cheeks: Featured on Click On Detroit and Declared "Every Day Heroes"


On January 26, 2016, "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit," was awarded a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, to fund grant writing and consultant services.

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WE, “THE WELLNESS ADVOCATES OF DETROIT”, ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING, “COLON HYDROTHERAPISTS”, OR INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE SEEKING TO BECOME STUDENTS IN TRAINING TO BECOME A “COLON HYDRO THERAPIST”. Interested individuals contact: Mr. Clifford A. Cheeks, Executive Director at or call 313-891-8454.  We are located at 19467 Livernois Ave. (Detroit MI).  For more details please call Monday through Saturday, 9am until 4:30 pm for all inquiries.

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